Company History

Mr. Herbert Hess, P.Eng, founded Pre Main Services in 1986.

Mr. Hess has over 20 years of experience in serving plating industry. He started his career as an engineer in Thyristor Devices Ltd., - a leading Canadian rectifier manufacturer in the late 1970s and throughout the 80s. An entrepreneur by conviction, he moved on to start Pre Main Services in 1986, and he has been in business ever since.

As a successful businessman, he took over the assets of Thyristor Devices Limited, and founded North American Rectifier Ltd. in 1992. He operated both Pre Main Services and North American Rectifier Ltd. until late 2004, at which time he took an opportunity to sell the manufacturing of the new equipment division of North American Rectifier Ltd. and devote himself fully to running Pre-Main Services.

Of course, some of his best employees from North American Rectifier Ltd. decided to continue their careers with PreMain Services and today we are stronger and more dedicated than ever before.