Turnkey Project

A rectifier/rectifiers complete installation – we have the experience and the capacity to provide turnkey solutions for you.

From careful project planning to superb execution, we provide solutions in bus bar installations, anode and “v” block fabrication, bus bar reconfiguring, custom manufacturing of insulated supports for bus bars, anodes, and cathodes.

Thanks to our versatile equipment and flexible personnel, we are able to deploy a fully equipped installation crew to your site in a matter of days and in most cases we are able finish the entire project within a few weeks.

Our crews are ready to tackle any project –from a rough layout sketch to the installed and commissioned plating lines, we will do it on time and within the budget.

We offer flexible pricing options – turnkey, time and material, our labour and your material, financing, etc…

To get a free estimate, discuss your next project needs, or to obtain our list of references, contact us any time.